How it works

Here's a quick summary of how it works.

1Applicants apply online.
2They include a reference (preferably from an existing employer).
3Applicants apply separately to their chosen course provider. Remember, the course must lead to a nationally recognised hotel management NZQA qualification.
4Applications are reviewed by the SixStar Selection Commitee. We consider each person's ability and employment history, plus the relevance of their chosen course, its national qualification status and the support from their referee (especially if they are a employer within the hospitality industry).
5We inform applicants of our decision. This is dependent upon funds available and course relevance.
6If successful, we pay tuition fees directly to the course provider.
7Applicants let us know how they got on at the end of the course.

Want more detailed information?

To read information specific to you, go to:

- Applicants
- Employers (or Referees)
- Course providers
- Guarantors