Terms & Conditions

Privacy information

Who will know your details?

Personal information collected via this website and other means will be used solely for assessing your SixStar Scholarship application. This information will only be made available to the SixStar admin team and members of the Selection Committee. If you feel that information about you provided in connection with your application, or in your academic record, is incorrect you have right of access to that information and, where appropriate, the chance to correct it. References are considered confidential and will not be released to you without the written authorisation of the referee.

In applying for a SixStar Scholarship, you will be asked to agree to:

  • the disclosing of information to SixStar regarding your academic progress whilst on the course
  • the release of information in your application form and information relating to the scholarship or study to relevant authorities, in accordance with the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993, to enable placement in an education institution, consideration for a scholarship, collection of academic progress reports and results, and the ongoing administration and monitoring of the scholarship
  • the exchange of relevant information between SixStar and recognised industry authorities such as NZQA and HSI regarding you and your achievements
  • SixStar contacting your referee to verify and discuss your reference
  • SixStar contacting your guarantor to verify the Guarantor declaration. And, if you don't complete the course requirements in the agreed timeframe, to SixStar contacting your guarantor to arrange a refund to SixStar of your scholarship.

Terms and Conditions

The fine print you need to know

I am aware:

  • The number of SixStar Scholarships made available in any one year is determined by the SixStar trustees. SixStar will determine the sum made available for each scholarship awarded as well as the gender mix of scholarship recipients;
  • the Philanthropic Charitable Trust's Board Members are the final arbitrators as to the success or otherwise of any application irrespective of any published or implied criteria;
  • SixStar does not need to provide reasons why an application is declined;
  • the offer of a scholarship does not guarantee entry into the course SixStar has offered to fund. Applicants must apply separately for admission to the course specified;
  • scholarships are for agreed course fees only unless the Board Members, at their discretion, apply and distribute funds for associated costs as well;
  • SixStar will not fund any course or part of any course that an applicant has already commenced. Nor will it consider applications for scholarship funding which reimburses applicants for funding which they have already paid for in part or in total;
  • applications shall not be approved where the applicant is not the beneficiary;
  • fees will be paid to the institution directly;
  • applications may be held for up to seven years;
  • that my photo may be used in SixStar materials and I hereby grant SixStar permission to copyright and use, re-use and publish this picture of me without restriction in any and all media now or hereafter;
  • that if I do not complete the course requirements in the agreed timeframe that SixStar can call upon my guarantor to refund my scholarship.

In accepting a SixStar Scholarship, I will be asked to:

  • only use the scholarship for the course and date specified;
  • achieve satisfactory academic progress, and meet all course requirements;
  • act in a manner that will not bring disrepute to myself, or SixStar during the scholarship;
  • advise SixStar in writing if a scholarship is no longer required;
  • agree to pay any additional course fees/material that may occur;
  • allow the use by SixStar of my name, image and biographical details in advertising and publicity;
  • advise SixStar in writing about my course outcome. In the circumstances where a course is not successfully completed, SixStar may seek a full or partial refund;
  • acknowledge that scholarships may be withdrawn or terminated by SixStar if I fail to comply with the conditions of my scholarship.