Here's a checklist of the information you need to complete your application:

  • details of your recent work experience

    You need to provide us with dates, location, position and your employer's details.

  • proof of your qualifications, awards and scholarships

    You need to provide scans in PDF format (JPGs also acceptable).

    Remember to write your SixStar Reference Number at the top right of each one (you are allocated this number when you start the online application process).

  • your NSN number

    The NZQA [goes to] allocates all tertiary-level students a National Student Number (NSN) which we use to confirm your previous qualifications. To find out your NSN number, contact NZQA on 0800 697 296 or

    Remember to include your full name and date of birth.

  • details of your chosen course

    We need to know the course name and NZQA level. Please remember, SixStar only provides scholarships to fund courses recognised by the NZQA (up to Level 6) that relate to management within the hospitality industry. If the NZQA level of your chosen course isn't clear, ask the course provider.

  • a 'head and shoulder' photo

    You need to provide us with a scan of a head and shoulder photo of yourself in JPG format.

  • a guarantor

    You need to provide a scan of the Guarantor declaration, completed by a parent, relative or employer (in PDF or JPG format).

  • a reference

    Follow these steps to get a reference:

    Step 1 - Choose your referee

    Ideally this should be someone from the hospitality industry (usually your current employer) but if this isn't possible it can also be someone in a senior position who knows what skills you have. It's important that your referee is the most appropriate person to provide the kind of information we need.

    Step 2 - Ask your referee if they'll write a reference for you

    Step 3 - Give them the 'Referee's reference' form

    When you apply online, we will send you a reference template to email (or give) to your employer.

    Step 4 - Find out how they'll send it

    Ask your referee how they'll send the form to us. To keep your reference confidential it can be sent to SixStar via email or post.

    Step 5 - Follow-up

    You may wish to give your referee a friendly reminder after one week to check they've sent your reference to us!